Week 2

The week started for me at 1.30 pm on last Sunday because I woke up that late. So, on Sunday I did nothing except taking rest. As I have written in my 'week 1' article, I thought of being punctual to the college and reached there at 8.30 itself on Monday , but my bad time I din't find the attendance register where we are supposed to sign before it goes to HOD at 8.45. Since I was the only M.Tech student who had come early on that day it was my turn to get scolded on behalf of all my classmates. This is how my week started. Then it was a normal week there on till Friday. I had the regular routine and had nothing interesting or special that happened in the college. 

This week will stay in my mind because my sister left to USA with her husband on Thursday night. I spent the previous day(Wednesday) in my sister's home. On Wednesday evening Vivek(my classmate and friend) came to my sister's home to pick me up and dropped me in college. Their flight was scheduled at 1 am Friday. I went to airport at 9.30 pm where both the families and some of their friends were already waiting to wave them safe journey. We stayed there till 10.30 pm Thursday night and waved them before they left for completing the formalities to board the flight. This time they will stay there for around 2 years. She had to resign her TCS job because she had to accompany her husband. She is going to search for a new job in USA with the 1 and half years of experience she had in TCS. I hope she will find one job very soon there. Just now I had a chat with her while writing this post. She said me that they reached there safely at 11.30 am Friday(USA time). It was a mixed feeling for me when they left India. I was happy for them but still I would miss them for 2 more years. This is not the first time I miss someone. Its used to me because I am a boarding student right from LKG. I used to meet her only during vacation when I was in school and even during college life we couldn't spend more time together since I was in Bangalore. I don't know what the future has got in store for both of us and I wonder if we would get some time to spend together in life. 

I have improved a lot in playing shuttle and I am getting very much interested in it. I am not willing to miss it even for a single day. This is how my week went on. I know there is nothing interesting to write in this blog regarding my personal routine but still as I said u I write this instead of my diary. 


  1. you will get to b with your sister soon...no issues,relax!

    is the clock on blogger follows PST or CST? its 13 hrs less than our IST!

  2. since this your own private blog,write an article about all boys in our class....wat u think,wat u wnna tell,what mischievous they do..etc etc...


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