Week 4

This week will stay in my memory for a long time because I woke up at 6 pm on Sunday evening after going to bed at 2 am on Saturday night. I did not get up early because I had severe shoulder pain and thats why I kept sleeping. In the evening I felt somewhat relieved and I got up at 6 in the evening. Then I went out to have some food because after Saturday's dinner I hadn't taken food. After eating I took a pain killer and came back to my room only to continue sleeping. I din't do anything else on Sunday except sleeping. Monday I felt relieved and there on it was a normal week for me. 

On Tuesday we were told that Amazon was coming for campus recruitment the next day, so my friend(Lingesh) and I prepared till 1.30 am that night. Next day(Wednesday) we went to main campus to attend the recruitment process of the first company for this year. But to our disappointment their cut off was 8.0 CGPA which most of us did not have. Since I have only 7.5 I had to find my way back to MIT campus. The next company that came was ebay for which none of the M.Tech(IT) students were allowed to attend. Around 16 companies are scheduled for this month but M.Tech is allowed to attend only few companies. We are eligible for three more companies in this month. I have to wait and see what is going to happen. Apart from placement activities nothing is happening right now. Some of the classes are suspended due to placement activities. 

As usual I am playing regularly and as a result I got my weight reduced by 2 kgs. After playing on Friday evening, Lingesh and I were watched movie in open air theater in our campus till 12 and then we went to our rooms. Well, thats it for the week and if something interesting happens I will update in this blog. Nice weekend friends.

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