Week 107

Yet another week in my life. 5 working days in the week. Monday through Friday there were nothing to do at office except sitting in the bench and checking mails. At times we do attend video screening sessions or  do some e-learning if its scheduled for us. Actually I am in a shadow bench now. But due to the unavailability of a facilitator I along with some of my batch mates were sitting in the bench for the past two weeks now.

I had mailed about this situation to my staffing partner and it became an issue at the higher level. Finally on Friday, my project manager had called me from Pune to explain me the situation and also told me that the training on PERL would start from Monday without fail. I thought I messed up with my project guys but to my surprise he talked to me like a gentleman and there was no air of tension because initially I was tensed that the manager would come hard on me. 

Again, it was the usual weekend routine of washing clothes and getting ready for the week ahead. I washed some of my laundry clothes and visited my sister on Saturday. I reached there around 2 in the afternoon and spent time there till 6.20 before I left. Spent some time there chatting with sister and playing with Aashitha. Had veg briyani for lunch in my sister's home. I had had non-veg for lunch for 12 continuous days till Friday and fortunately or unfortunately I broke the non-veg spree on Saturday.

While coming back from my sister's home I came till Tambaram by train. Then I caught a bus to Perungalathur in Tambaram which became fully crowded in a jiffy. In Chennai the conductors would be sitting and we have to pass the money to get the ticket. I hate doing this and I hate people who ask me to pass the money to buy a ticket. Since it was crowded I thought of taking the ticket only if conductor comes to me and asks for it. The driver stopped the bus in between for the conductor to finish giving tickets to all. He came to me and asked for the ticket and as I have said I took it since he came to me where I was sitting. Within minutes of taking ticket there was a checking squad and I was lucky to have taken the ticket. Otherwise I would have got fined. At that point I decided that where ever we go we should never fail to take a ticket because it would cause unnecessary delay and fine. My laziness would have landed me into troubles. Why I say this is, sometimes I have traveled without a ticket in the local trains and buses but I was never caught. I had traveld without tickets because of the laziness to stand in the queue to take tickets for trains and laziness to pass the money through the heavily crowded bus. I believe some of you are just like me but never travel without ticket.

Today, I am writing this post sitting alone in my room. One of my roommate is away with his friend and the other has gone to Pune to be with his family. I caught alone in my room. But still its not boring because we have got internet and tv in the room. 

Well, that is it for the week. Hope you guys are having a wonderful time in your lives. Have a nice time till I come up with my next update. 

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