Weeks 108 and 109

The last two weeks were very hectic and as a result I was very tired most of the days. It was hectic because I was travelling on most of the days and din't get sound sleep. The training resumed as predicted on Monday and now we have completed two weeks of training in Perl. Probably in next week we will be getting client calls for getting into projects. One more week of training is left and at the end of it there will be an assessment before we get client interviews. Actually most of us are eagerly waiting to get into projects. Have to wait and see what is in store for us. 

Last weekend I organised a trip to Kodaikanal with some of my office colleagues. We left Chennai on Friday and came back on Monday. Please refer to the post named "Kodaikanal trip" in the blog to know more.

Though I went to office last Monday I was not able to attend the training because I was ultra tired after the trip. I slept in the dormitory. On Tuesday I took leave to go to my native.I traveled to Salem along with my sister and Aashitha to be with  my family for my Dad's retirement. It was the first train journey for Aashitha and we (my sister and I) were surprised to see her awake throughout the journey. She slept only for 10 minutes and was awake the rest of the time whereas other babies in the compartment slept for a good amount of time. She was just seeing out of the window and was happy to do that. 

Though we din't have a function we celebrated by distributing sweets to our neighbours. My sister and I decided to present my dad a gold ring and purchased one from AVR swarna mahal. On the way back to home we bought a saree for mom too. We felt happy in spite of mom's scoldings that we had given more money for the ring. I and my sister din't take it to our head since our dad was contended with the present. 

I had booked a return ticket to Chennai on the same day to get back to office on Wednesday. I started from there at 10.30pm and reached my room at 5.30am on Wednesday. Had some sleep in the morning before going to office to be fresh for the day. Rest of the days it was training and there were loads of assignments to be completed. Still I have two assignments to be completed but I am behind others by only one assignment. 

This weekend is somewhat different from others because I din't wash my clothes and skipped few meals. Got up late today. Made an omelette and had some cornflakes with milk. Most of the days I have cornflakes with milk for breakfast since we have a burner cum stove at our room. Now we have an induction stove too. Though we have it we don't cook too many dishes. We make omelettes, boil milk and make noodles. Occasionally we prepare coffee and tea. 

That is all about the last two weeks. I wish all the reader friends a happy time until I come up with my next blog post. 

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