Week 105

I am writing this post from my home. Yes, I came home for the weekend. I visited the farm and my grand parents' home on Saturday. Sunday afternoon my mom along with my sister's family left to Chennai from here. My sister and her child were in home since they came to India. Now Aashitha can sit and crawl around, so my sister can look after her alone. My mom has gone with them to set things up at the newly rented Velachery home. 

Last week I had a Unix assessment as a part of the training. The results have not been announced even though it has been evaluated. PERL training is going on now. From tomorrow there will be an associate from Hyderabad to train us. I think this training will go on for another four weeks and later those who do well will be into projects of Morgan Stanley. 

Since my mom is not at home  I had some clothes to wash and cook dinner for my dad and myself. I prepared dosa and coconut chutney. It was good to me but din't get any feedback on it  from my dad because we won't converse usually. 

I have to post this article, shutdown the system, pack bags and catch my bus to Chennai at 10.30 PM near new bus stand. Well that is it for the week. Wish you all a wonderful time until I come up with my next post. 

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