Week 87

The most memorable week of my life because I got my first month salary from Capgemini on Wednesday. The company credits the salary to your account on the last day of the month. Except for this reason the entire week had the normal routine. We were in training but due to absence of trainers and unavailability of software we dint  have much to do except e-learning. We had C language theory on Friday and that is it about the whole week's training. 

Yesterday I went to Express Avenue along with three of my colleagues. Its a big shopping mall in Chennai with almost all the big brands present there. This is my first visit to the mall though I have lived here for the past two and a half years. I bought a pair of shoes and a pant that costed around 2200 bucks together. When I spend on clothes the money goes out of my pocket in thousands now. I think not to spend much on clothes but when I see something that attracts me I go for it. It is a bad habit that I have cultivated recently that has to be corrected immediately otherwise it will lead to my salary bankruptcy before I see 30th day of the month. 

One more incident needs a mention here. We had a bad experience there that night. We were four and went in two vehicles. One was parked in the parking place that the mall has provided. I went in Bala's vehicle. He is a native of Chennai and knows the city well. So he parked it outside the mall by the side of the road on the sidewalk. When we completed shopping and came out the vehicle was not there. Then we searched for it the length of the road and then enquired a shopkeeper there who then confirmed that some vehicles had been towed by the traffic police. We were lucky that the police station was within 100 meters walk. We went there and talked to the officials there about the vehicle. This guy's dad has worked in Raj Bhavan so it was just a cake walk for him to get back the vehicle. But the tension was clearly visible on his face. Then we both came from there and he dropped me in Saidapet railway station. I reached my room around 10 pm after having dinner in a mess near by. 

We both learnt one thing from this incident. Its better to pay the 40 bucks to park the vehicle than to waste time in tension of getting the vehicle back. So my dear reader friends don't park your vehicle in no-parking  area. If you have got relatives or friends from the government especially in law and order department then you can park your vehicle in the centre of the road. 

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