Week 90

The summer is here. Already two of my batch mates in the office got their eyes swollen because of the city's heat. The symptoms of water scarcity is showing up. I think in one more week, that is from April 1st week, we will be standing in queue for water. Otherwise, it was yet another week of training in the office. There are two more tests to be written and two projects to be submitted in two weeks time. After that we will be put in project or made to sit in bench. Before that we have to complete one certification in any of the technology that we have learnt.

Day by day I am getting close to more people in my batch in training. Anyhow I won't be in touch with them after three weeks because we will be in different projects and in different offices. I showed my long face to one of my colleague and apologized on the same day. It came to an end the next day as we started talking normally. That was one incident that showed others that I am a short tempered person.

I played table tennis on two days and have learnt the basics of playing. Only once I played with right hand and then I started playing with left hand. I have taken a decision to play all the games with my left hand hence forth. I used to play carom with left and I have planned to continue this habit in all games too. 

Nowadays I am sleeping on the terrace of my building even though there is heavy mist fall because inside my room I am not able to sleep well. Anyway I am getting a good sleep there compared to inside the room. 

I also travelled two times in the train without ticket during the last two weeks and was lucky not to be caught by the checkers. Hope so I won't do it again or the situation doesn't arise. 

One more day that was special in the week was Friday because of Ugadi. We dint get a holiday since we are in Tamilnadu. Only thing we were able to do was wish each other and continue normal routine. That is all for the week. Rest in next. Have a nice time reader friends. 

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