Week 88

Mosquitoes + Summer = Sleepless nights. Crowded buses in the mornings and evenings make life even difficult for me. Can you imagine something else that can make life even worse in Chennai? If you are a native of Chennai then your answer to the question would have been water scarcity. Yes, I am expecting it soon. The water in the well goes down day by day and at the end of this month or mid of April we will be facing that too. There is no permanent solution to all these problems. Its the fate of the people who live in Chennai. Only thing that is good about the city is the humidity. The humidity makes us to sweat more and there by helps in removal of salt from body.

In spite of these problems, the training is in full swing. We are learning the last technology (C++) in the training. Once this is complete, we will be left with only a project to complete. We are yet to complete two more tests in the training. This week all of us cleared the UNIX exam successfully with pass marks. Its only one more month of training life and then we will be facing the real world projects if we are lucky or else we will be made to wait in the bench.

I can say only one thing about the routine that I have now. It made me get up by 12pm this Sunday. After my regular Sunday work I again started sleeping at 5pm and woke up only at 9pm. This made me feel how tired I was. After reading the first few lines you won't be searching for reasons to why I slept long on this Sunday. 

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