Week 86

The week was not so hectic as the previous weeks. I woke up to alarm and went to office before time. This week most of the days I got seat to sit in the bus to Teynampet that will be usually crowded. As usual the training was going on as per their schedule. Now we have completed two technologies and tomorrow everyone should appear for a test in pl/sql. 

The Anna university conducted its graduation day on Saturday. I attended the function and got the degree certificate. I also met most of my classmates there. I have not seen only three of my classmates after the completion of the degree. Had a nice time with them taking some photographs. I have got problems of uploading photos here. It stays here for sometime and vanishes away. I don't know what is going wrong. So I planned to put it in picassa album and give a link here. Since I do not have the photos now I will upload the photos later and link it from here.

The company celebrated its Annual day this Friday and we had only half day on Friday. This is comparatively a longer weekend than we usually get during training. Though I had lot of time I couldn't prepare for the Monday's exam. Have to start it tonight only. Well, that is all about the week. I wish all the reader friends a nice time till I come up with my next update.

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