Weeks 98, 99 and 100

The heat in the city has not gone down so far. I am at home for the weekend and feel a lot better to be away from the hot and humid city where I live. Anyhow I will have to be there tomorrow. I have got a call from Pune saying that I would be trained in perl and will be given project at the same office. So, Chennai seems to be the location for me at least for now. The last one month has been full of fun at office with nothing to do. Reporting to the office at 11.30 AM and coming back at 4.30 PM was the routine. In between we used to check mails, play carrom and watch movies at the video screening hall. We have watched almost all the movies in the library collection I believe. But, I think from now on the routine would differ and we will have to do what we are meant to do. 

I couldn't write the last two weeks because I did not have the internet connection. I was staying with Lingesh in Tharamani but now I have shifted to Perungalathur. I shifted from there because the travelling time from my room to office was almost 2 and half hours. Now I have moved into a room where two of my colleagues live and it is only half an hour from my office by local train. The new room has an A/C and an air cooler to keep ourselves away from the heat. 

I was highly frustrated whenever I traveled from Tharamani to Paranur. The crowded buses and trains add fuel to the flames. Then you know what would happen if we don't drink water for 2 hours and have to stand during half of travel without place to sit. The dehydration made me to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday. I don't know whether or not I have mentioned here in my blog that I have stopped taking soft drinks and canned drinks since last one year. I go for the fresh juice, sugarcane juice, butter milk or tender coconut to keep the body in good condition during summer. 

I faced all these problems or in other words I was living this life along with sinus for half of the past three weeks. Now I am almost fine without sinus but still a tinge of normal life is missing. I feel I would be normal very soon. 

I wish all the reader friends a happy life with good health until I come up with my next post. 

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