Week 94

Successfully completed the last week of training. First two days of the week we were in Teynampet office and the next two days we were asked to go to Mahindra city office for SE immersion. Again we came back to Teynampet office on Friday for project evaluation. Saturday was working day since last Friday was holiday. Probably from now on we will be having a two day weekend to relax a bit more.

It has been three months in the company now. Next week on wards we would be getting into projects if we do well in the client interviews. But there are not much requirements in the company for projects as of now. If they ask me go to Bangalore I will be the happiest person on earth. But as far as present situations are concerned there are no chances of getting Bangalore now. Five from the batch has been asked to go to Pune for a project. Rest of us are waiting for projects and most of us will be getting in this week.

Other than training life is flat. Nothing great is happening. I got a good news from one of my close ones but I can't update it here for sometime. I am waiting for the day when I will be able to disclose to my world about it. I had bad experiences with some of my batch mates too. I thought that I was doing good to them but it back fired and I learnt the same lesson again in my life. That is not to poke my nose into others' problems unless and until invited. 

The new phone is keeping the tensions off from my life. I am fond of listing to songs and it really helps me in keeping away daily tensions from getting into head deeper.

That is it for the week. As usual I wish all the reader friends a happy time ahead. 

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