Week 92

It was one of the most memorable weeks in the recent past for a few reasons. Firstly, we completed the project work that was assigned to us in the training. We were supposed to start the second project but since the environment is not set we were not able to start it. I think we won't start it in the next week of training too because it takes a lot of time to follow the procedure to set the environment. The next four days are going to be the last days of the training. Following it, the next Monday will be the graduation day after training and after that 99 percent we all will be in SCOPE is what our batch in-charge told us. 

Saturday was one awesome day. I along with 8 of my colleagues from training batch visited the Besantnagar beach and spent the evening there until we left from there at around 9PM. I was initially not willing to go into the water but my colleagues carried me and dropped me into the salt water and there after it took sometime for me to return back from water because I also started playing with them in water. We had ultimate fun. The full moon day made the sea look great and it was really a wonderful sight to watch. Then we chose a fish stall among many that were there. If I am right, I think we ate in Bala's fish stall. We ordered one plate of each fish variety that was available there. After tasting them we ordered for more whichever we liked.  It was the first time I ate crabs. We all ate for around 900 rupees. Then on the way to bus stop each of us had a jigarthanda. I promise, that was the first time I tasted it. It was not bad but not good either. 

Sujith (my colleague) told that he would drop me in Chrompet in his bike. So we waved them bye and started walking towards the place where his bike was parked. To his surprise he found his locked helmet stolen. Then what happened is the most interesting part. We took a helmet from someone's bike and rode away from the place. 

I have booked to and fro tickets to my native. I am planning to spend this Tamil new year with family. Hope I will be screwed this time at home. Have to wait and see what is gonna happen.

That is all to say about the week. Advance wishes for the Tamil new year. I also wish you all reader friends a great week ahead. 

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