Week 83

The weeks are so long nowadays because I have to go for training on Saturdays too. The only day we get is Sunday and I use it to wash my clothes and do the pending works if any. I also try to pay a visit to Kumaran Kundram temple that I used to visit during my college days here. The last two weeks have been hectic for sure but it has brought me under a routine after a very long time. I think I am following a routine after my school days. During my college days I used to be late on some days but now there is no chance of going late because we will be marked absent if we don't go there on time. 

I am desperately waiting for long weekends with at least two holidays per week. I have to wait for 10 more weeks for that because only then my training will be complete. During training we will be learning 4 technologies and we have to get a certification for one of the technologies. The information is not yet clear on that so we guys in training are waiting for the info so that we can complete the certification part of training first. Then there is an exam on each technology and a project to be completed along with lab assignments. Though this happens in most of the companies, the new thing here is the termination if we don't clear the test. We will be given only one re-test for one of the tests and not for all. All of us have cleared the first one. Rest of the tests are scheduled at the end of March. Hope everything will go fine for the entire batch.

I am more worried about the upcoming weeks because I wont get time on Sundays too due to some friends' weddings or receptions that fall on Sundays. Patiently counting the days for a long weekend and a visit to my native. That is all about the week. Have a nice time reader friends.

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