Back to blogging after 2 years

Since August 2012 I deliberately decided not to post anything for sometime on my personal blog due to few personal reasons. But it took me 2 long years to come here again because life kept me busy in one way or the other. My marriage talks had started by then, to be precise it started on the 5th of August, 2012 and I tied the knots on 22nd of November, 2012 which also happens to be my parents' wedding day.

Unlike my previous posts, I have decided to write only my experiences and not updates of every week. I would like to key in only the important events or happenings or feelings that will happen in future or had already happened.

I have always wanted to share few of my experiences in this blog but did not find time to write about them like going to Belagaum to collect my final semester marks card, my marriage, trips to Munnar and Andaman islands.

I hope, I will be regular henceforth sharing my experiences with you.

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